During his 35 years with the at Whirlpool Corporation, Joe Higgins spent a great deal of his energy cultivating winning strategies with his team through initiatives in teaching leadership, creating a high performance culture, providing impeccable customer service and building healthy teams through his lifelong example. Joe also performed economic projections for his teams that became known in the organization as “Higgonomics”.

The knowledge and insight Joe brings to all these subjects comes from his years of experience with running a National Sales Team that is known in the industry as one of the finest in the world. After 35 years of service with the Whirlpool Corporation Joe retired in 2012.

Today Joe Higgins is a highly regarded public speaker, an experienced business consultant and a former executive who, with his message, can inspire team, company your organization to embark on their very own Quest 4 Quality, just like he did with the Whirlpool Corporation.


Meet Joe Higgins, a highly successful executive with the Whirlpool Corporation, whose career spanned over three decades as a leader with the largest appliance manufacturer in the world. Joe started his career with General Electric upon graduation from college and after seven successful years and in a progression of higher level jobs, Joe moved over to Whirlpool.

In 1987 he was promoted to the Director of Sales for the Western half of the United States and in 2000 he became the National Director of Sales for North America. During his long career he managed National Accounts like Lowes, Home Depot, Sears and Best Buy, National Home Builders, like DR Horton, all of the Key Accounts and Independent Retail stores in the USA.

Joe Higgins presents his decades of wisdom and experience as a keynote speaker, seminar leader and consultant. Joe has also spoken in other contexts at business conferences, annual conferences, association meetings, workshops, fundraisers, and other events.

Joe Higgins who recently retired from Whilrpool gave a very well received Keynote (second year in a row) reviewing his projections from last year which were spot on and his future projections. I was very impressed.

Moe LastfogelRetail Observer

At CES and CEDIA, Joe succinctly condensed mountains of statistical data for retailers, clearly outlining the state of the economy and its potential influences on their businesses… that alone was worth the price of admission.

Nancy KlosekEditor of Pulse

It is rare when any business organization invites the same person to keynote an annual event in back-to-back years…  they did because his economics forecasts on GDP, unemployment, appliance sales, the stock market and housing starts were right on the money.

Steve SmithReporter / Orlando, FL

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